Минск, Могилевская, 2/2, 3 этаж

21 Nov 2017

The second Russian-language student competition on mediation and negotiations “Mediation of the future”

The Second International Russian-Language Student Competition on Mediation and Negotiations “Mediation of the Future” was completed. From 3 to 5 November 2017 in the city of Minsk, the Mediation and Negotiation Center, with the support of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Belarus which organized this unusual educatory competition. The competition is an innovative form of educational competition conducted in the form of a business game, in which student teams are available to resolve particular conflicts using mediation.

8 teams of mediators and 14 teams of negotiators from leading Belarusian, Russian and Kyrgyz universities participated in it.

The dispute, on which the negotiations were held, concerned the supply of equipment for production and international transportation of petroleum products. The skills of teams was evaluated by judges, experienced mediators from Belarus, Great Britain, Russia and Ukraine

Every negotiation ended with detailed feedback, recommendations, exchange of opinions.

The special value of the contest is the participation in it of recognized international mediators. For participants, two educational events were held: master classes by Amos Gabrieli (Israel), on commercial mediation, and Evgenia Rambl (the UK) on family mediation.

Live communication with mediation guru, the opportunity to ask a question and get a professional answer left no one indifferent.

And now the main and final stages of the competition have passed, all the unrest behind, all the competitions are over. We are pleased to announce the winners again.

Among the teams of mediators:

1 place – Anfisa Gorodinets and Nesterova Alina, Far Eastern Federal University;

2 nd place – Bogdanova Darya and Suntsova Alevtina, St. Petersburg State University;

Among the teams of negotiators:

1 place – Shulga Artem and Serov Yuri, Gomel State University  named after F.Skaryna;

2 nd place – Trushko Ksenia and Makovsky Ilya, Belarusian State Economic University;

3 place – Rebitskaya Ekaterina and Myalik Eugene, Vitebsk State University named after

  1. Masherov.

In  spare time it was also interesting. On the first day there was a party in the style of Cola, with a tasting of drinks. After the negotiation competitions, on the second day, those who wished participated in the quest in the National Historical Museum of Belarus. The competition ended with a festive buffet table.

The event was so full and beautiful, thanks to our partners, among them the Belarusian Republican Bar Association, the magazine “Lawyer”, the printing center “Karandash”, Revera Consulting Group LLC and the law bureau Revera, the Unitary Enterprise “Coca-Cola Beverages Belarus “, Business club IMAGURU, law bureau ” Vlasova, Mikhel and Partners”, Educational center” Professional interest “.

The official days of the contest are over, but the work does not stop. The organizers are already thinking about what the event will be next year. Of course, even steeper, larger, better. We hope that you are with us. See you in 2018!

Obviously, mediation is interesting for young people, so mediation has a future!

On how it was, through the eyes of the participants, you can read the reviews on the Facebook contest page https://www.facebook.com/groups/1087532831339394/

You can see the photos from the contest in  group of  contest on the Instagram https://www.instagram.com/mediatsiiabydychego/